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Decorative Interiors

"Handcrafted Ornamental Plasterware"


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P=Projection on the ceiling...D=Drop on the wall

Cn 01 P 90mm-D 75mm

Cn 02 P 80mm-D 95mm

Cn 03 P 95mm-D 103mm

Cn 04 P 85mm-D 100mm

Cn 05 P 70mm-D 70mm

Cn 06 P 90mm-D 90mm

Cn 07 P 82mm-D 89mm

Cn 08 P 100mm-D 95mm

Cn 09 P 100mm-D 120mm

Cn 10 P 100mm-D 101mm

Cn 11 P 95mm-D 102mm

Cn 12 P 114mm-D 114mm