Decorative Interiors

"Handcrafted Ornamental Plasterware"


To see an enlarged picture click the thumbnail P=Projection on the ceiling...D=Drop on the wall

Cn 13 P 93mm-D 97mm

Cn 14 P 45mm-D 136mm

Cn 15 P 138mm-D 140mm

Cn 16 P 111mm-D 148mm

Cn 17 P 143mm-D 165mm

Cn 18 P 78mm-D 102mm

Cn 19 P 76mm-D 203mm

Cn 20 P 84mm-D 102mm

Cn 21 P 72mm- D 115mm

Cn 22 P 125mm-D 115mm

Cn 24 P 106mm-D140mm

Cn 25 P 140mm-D 106mm