Decorative Interiors

"Handcrafted Ornamental Plasterware"


To see an enlarged picture click the thumbnail P=Projection on the ceiling...D=Drop on the wall

Cn 26 P 115mm-D 115mm

Cn 27 P 115mm-D 95mm

Cn 28 P 115mm-D 140mm

Cn 29 P 85mm-D 95mm

Cn 30 P222mm-D 140mm

Cn 31 P140mm-D 120mm

Cn 32 P100mm-D 120mm

Cn 33 P172mm-D 140mm

Cn 34 P130mm-D 127mm

Cn 35 P76mm-D 86mm

Cn 36 P152mm-D 178mm