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On occasion we like to obtain a photograph or two of work we have carried out for display on our Project page. We always ask permission before publishing them on the site and provide complete anonimity. A picture is the best means of showing people the elegance of plasterware and what kind of impact it would have in their home. However since we have tried to ensure that the pictures can be enlarged to show the maximum detail the make the down load time a bit slow on a modem. Sorry about that.
These are illustrations of a few of our installations. If you care to copy the pictures into a Graphics program you can enlarge them for a better view. They are in jpeg (jpg) format and can be viewed in almost any graphics program. The first 3 photos are of a private house where we came back after the homeowner had painted the coving and made a very professional job of it.The next 3 photos are of work done in an Indian Restuarant { The Passage To India,Lincoln }

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